These Sleeved Jerseys Must Be Stopped

by Mikey Hlebasko

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I advocated earlier on this website for the Warriors to be pioneers of offensive basketball. They have indeed done this, but not with the right meaning of offensive. You see, the Warriors were the first NBA team to make the switch to a sleeved alternate uniform, and the rest of the league is quickly following suit.

The Lakers and Clippers have both recently unveiled sleeved alternates, and the Warriors have unveiled their second design. The Warriors’ design is just a sleeved version of their home whites, but the Clippers’ new jerseys are new entirely, and would actually be a gorgeous design if it didn’t make them look like Louisana Tech Woman’s Basketball circa 1982. Add in that the shorts feature one of the few truly innovative uniform design elements in recent years (nautical flags spelling out LAC) on the shorts, and sleeves have gone from being just an annoyance to depriving us of unique and beautiful basketball uniforms. The worst part of this is that the NBA is pitching it as some great innovation, when the aforementioned Lady Techsters were doing it 30 years ago, and Evansville wore sleeved throwbacks from the 1960’s as recently as 5 years ago.

Because this is America, I usually hate to begrudge a company doing their best to make money. But the sleeved jersey cash grab by the NBA has caused too much damage for me to stand idly by. So, I propose we all sign this petition and give the government something they can agree on amidst all the fighting that has led to the government shutdown. Sign the petition here and prevent the NBA from ruining basketball jerseys forever.

Author: James

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