Breakdown of Key Plays From Warriors’ Win Over the Mavs

by Jay Flaherty

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The final couple minutes of last night’s game were some of the best in recent memory. Steph was ridiculously clutch, our defense astonishingly stout, and we finally beat Monta Ellis. And while the final couple of minutes were great, there was yet another big fourth-quarter comeback led by Steph Curry (of course) and Draymond Green (not so “of course”). On two plays in particular, the Steph-Dray simpatico was on full display.

The first play came with the Dubs down six — a plateau that they had reached numerous times throughout the game, without breaking through. Harrison Barnes starts with the ball up top, and Steph is buried in the corner, where he often runs off staggered screens to get an open look.

Draymond Pass To Curry Set up

Usually they’ll have Bogut run down and have Curry rub his defender off of Lee, then Bogut and catch the ball just inside the three point line, where he can face up his defender. And they have the same action on this play too, with Draymond taking a couple hard dribbles to the middle.

Draymond pass to Steph more set up

Except this time Calderon cheats up a bit, looking to escape the wrath of Bogut and Lee. Steph cleverly reverses direction, leading to Lee and Bogut essentially “closing the door” on Calderon. Draymond doesn’t loft a floater to Steph, as so many are want to do on these flair screens, but smartly whips him the ball giving Steph more than enough time and space to launch a corner three.

steph draymond pass three

Also note Bogut sliding to his right, ever so slightly, to ensure Calderon doesn’t get anywhere near Steph. Love that.

On the very next possession Draymond aides Steph on another three, this time by setting a screen for him. It’s a play the Dubs have run countless times this season. They utilize Draymond (or Klay or Iggy) for a screen just above the 3-point line to either free up Steph (if the off-man doesn’t help on the screen), or get a smaller defender on Draymond (if the help is there).

Opposing teams usually try to make Curry give the ball up, and for the better part of last night the Mavs did just that. However, the reason he was open this time came from a diversion the Dubs (and Draymond) ran to perfection.

Curry 3 Point play- Setup


You’ll see Draymond down low with Lee, appearing to get ready for a double screen or another one of their countless rubs off this look. Suddenly, Draymond sprints up — not a jog, a sprint — to set a screen for Steph. Dray happens to catch Shawn Marion asleep, albeit for a split second, and the momentary lapse in judgment is enough to free Steph.

Curry 3 point play-screen
Where you at, Shawn?

And, we all know what happens next.

Curry 3-pointer shot


Steph Curry + good look = tie ball game. They need to make that some type of property. Like associative property, transitive property, The Curry Property.

I briefly thought about trying to break down either Steph’s 4-point play or his game winner, but decided against it. The 4-point play was just Steph being Steph — superstars do that sometimes. And the game winner was simply a nice pump-fake. Not too much to analyze. What I will show you though, is a play that could have cost the Warriors the game and it occurred right after Steph hit the game winner.

Nemanja-Curry Chest Bump


That’s Nemanja Nedovic doing his best Kent Bazemore impersonation heading into a timeout…only there was no timeout called. The Mavs were out of them. Nemanja quickly realized his mistake and ran back to the bench, and Curry challenged a half court heave by Calderon. I’m pretty sure that should’ve been a technical. But we’ll take whatever we can get.

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