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(Photo Courtesy of ChrisYunker)

by Jim Turvey

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The Raiders’ season has come to a close, but before we move into full offseason mode, let’s take a look back on the season that was:




With Terrelle Pryor taking over what was supposedly Matt Flynn’s job, Raidernation was ready for anything to happen in the 2013 season.


Week 1


For the first time of the 2013 season, Raiders’ fans were given a glimpse of the team’s potential, while also being given a glimpse of how frustratingly close some losses would be.


Week 2



Charles Woodson proved all season that he was far from washed up, and was a leader both on the field and in the clubhouse.


Week 3


Run DMC may well have played his last season in Oakland this year, and although the guy just can’t stay healthy, he does seem like a good enough person, and highlights like this remind Raiders’ fans of his potential in all aspects of the game.


Week 4


Mychal Rivera didn’t quite have the breakout season I was hoping he would, but his sister provided Raiders’ fans with an excellent memory of Week 4.


Week 5


With this touchdown, Woodson tied the all-time NFL record with his 13th defensive touchdown of his career. A great accomplishment for a great man.


Week 6


Just when I though the Raiders had a decent chance at a good season, they dragged me back to reality with a loss to the Chiefs.


Week 7


The Raiders’ bye week was all about getting players back to health. The injury bug hit the Raiders hard all year, and if they want to compete next year, they’ll have to stay far healthier.


Week 8


At this point in the season, the Raiders sat at 3-4, and seemed a possible team to sneak around the playoff picture. They had a favorable schedule upcoming, and hopes were high.


Week 9


Once again coming off a nice win, however, the Raiders got destroyed, continuing their roller coaster season, this time getting destroyed Nick Foles and the resurgent Eagles.


Week 10


The Raiders drew a very weak NFC East division as one of their two divisions they played in entirety, but managed to go a pathetic 0-4 against the division.  Hopefully the schedule gods will be as kind next year, but next time opportunity knocks, the Raiders better take advantage of it.


Week 11


Rashad Jennings provided one of the brightest spots of the 2013 season, showcasing his skills after McFadden inevitably went down.  With the way he played this year, the Raiders don’t need to prioritize getting a running back in the offseason.


Week 12


The game-winning drive by Ryan Fitzpatrick on the Raiders’ defense was the official end point of any playoff hopes the Raiders had, and one of their toughest losses to swallow in a while.


Week 13


Another bright young player who emerged this season was Rod Streater.  Although the Raiders may still target a true number one receiver in the offseason, Streater, Moore, and even Andre Holmes down the stretch showed that the Raiders can have good depth at receiver position going forward. Streater had his breakout performance on Turkey day 2013.


Week 14


(Photo Courtesy of

With the loss to the Jets, even the most diehard Radiers’ fans acknowledged that the postseason was no longer possible, and began to watch Raiders’ games with an eye towards 2014.


Week 15


At this point of the year, the Raiders’ defense, which had started strong, was beginning to show real signs of struggle, with Raiders’ fans hoping it was not an omen for next year’s squad.


Week 16


Another bad loss, and the whole team looked like it was ready for the offseason. Tarver’s defense in particular involves a lot of blitzing and hard work, and the Raiders were still a shallow team. By this point of the season they were just completely burnt out.


Week 17


The Raiders will have the fifth pick in the upcoming draft, and in Todd McShay’s most recent mock draft guess who’s coming to Oakland? I’m already excited for 2014.

Author: Jim Turvey

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