Whine Wednesday: Life As A Raiders’ Fan

by Jim Turvey


The last couple months or so of Raider fandom hasn’t been the easiest time. First of all, even though Raiders’ fans know that they have to be patient in the rebuilding process, a four-win season is still tough to swallow, especially when eight of the last nine games are losses. Added on to that, there was the fact that all three of the Raiders’ AFC West rivals made the playoffs.

After that there was the final four of the NFL playoff bracket: their old rivals, the Seahawks, their worst playoff memory, the New England Patriots, their cross-bay rivals, the 49ers, and worst of all, their divisional rivals, the Denver Broncos.

Then the Raiders’ schedule for 2014 was released, and it offered a brutal reminder that 2014 may very well be a rebuilding year once again.

There’s also the matter of the Raiders’ organization being dragged through the mud over the cheerleading scandal, and the fact that their confusing quarterback situation may very well become more muddled, instead of clearer, after the daft.

Now I’m not typically the type of Raiders’ fan who looks to bring down the mood. In fact, I have been known to be quite optimistic – even to extreme levels – but the last couple months have been trying for even the most diehard of fans. The Raiders seem to be on the path to relevance, but the road is bound to be a bumpy one. At least Raiders’ fans know that when we do become relevant again, it will be all the sweeter having stuck with them through the rough days.


Three Things For Which We’re Thankful

1) One of the upsides to a 4-12 season is the draft. I personally am praying that Clowney or Watkins (with Matthews as a decent third option) fall to the Raiders at the fifth spot. As a side note the “to quarterback or not to quarterback” with the fifth pick debate, I am firmly entrenched in the against a quarterback side, but the debate is turning into the most interesting schism since Ralph vs. Jack.

2) While the Warriors may have dropped a close game last night, they are still one if, if not the, most entertaining teams in the league, and should definitely make some noise in the playoffs this summer

3) Finally, I think I speak for all Raiders’ fans when I hope that Mychal Rivera breaks out next season so we get as much coverage of our favorite Raiders’ fan as possible next year.


Jim Turvey is an A’s fan first and foremost with baseball being his first true love. Billy Beane is his idol, and if he could meet any two people all-time, it would be Beane and Bill James. He loves David Lee and Steph Curry, and any Andre Iguodala pass. He kinda misses the old Warriors’ logo even though the new one is sweet too. He can’t help but love the Raiders, as George Blanda was his dad’s favorite player growing up, and Howie Long is his favorite NFL personality (non-Strahan division).

Author: Jim Turvey

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