Wine Wednesday: Good Life

by Jim Turvey


We here at Three Bridge Sports have used Wednesdays in the past to express what was bothering us most. “Whine Wednesday’s” seemed like the perfect midweek, humpday way to vent about our current sports’ frustrations. Here’s the thing though – right now being a Bay Area sports fan is pretty damn awesome.

Baseball season is underway, and both the Bay Area teams look strong, despite a pair of two game losing streaks for the two. The Giants are only one game behind the Dodgers at the moment, and have seen Brandon Belt come into his own early in the season. The top three of the rotation look great, and once Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval’s bats wake up, their offense should be even better. Also there’s the fact that the Giants have won each of the last two championships in even years, so watch out 2014.

Across the bay, the A’s look like the best team in baseball if they can just figure out how to close out the ninth. Even with their bullpen struggles, the club has the best record in the American League, and the best run differential in all of baseball, usually a sign of the best team. Their hitting looks better than expected, and their run prevention ability has already been discussed here at TBS.

Playoff fever has taken over the area, and while the Warriors got rocked in their most recent match up, they did what they had to do in the first two games by earning a split with the Clippers. With the series now headed to Roaracle, and Curry seeming to have found his stroke a bit in the Game Two loss (eight for eleven from the field in the second half), the Warriors are in good shape.

Saving the best for last, however, the Sharks have the Bay Area downright giddy. After the Ducks locked up the division at the end of the season, San Jose Sharks’ fans were rightfully nervous as their first round match up with the “team no one wants to play” Kings was now inevitable. Well, as it turns out, the Sharks have ripped that mantle away from the Kings emphatically, and look unstoppable after taking the first three from the Kings. Past playoff hero, Jonathan Quick, has been smoked in each game, and after scoring only 10 goals on Quick in their seven game series last year, the Kings have scored 17 goals (16 of which have come against Quick) in their first three games. Now we can’t count our eggs before they hatch, but the Sharks are looking mighty fine.

There’s not really anything to whine about this Wednesday, enjoy the sports utopia, Bay Area fans.

Author: Jim Turvey

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