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Follow-Up of Hunter Pence’s New Contract

Back on September 24, 2013 I wrote a piece that previewed the contract breakdown between Hunter Pence and the San Francisco Giants. As I do not work in the Giants front office I could only estimate the deal from my research. So let’s see where I was right, and wrong… To begin, Hunter […]

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Pence and Lincecum Offseason Preview

With only 6 games left there is no doubt that the Giants are thinking about next season. Well, they’ve probably been thinking about next season since the end of July when, all of a sudden, the defending champs were 10 games out. Even though this season the Giants were, and I guess still are, […]

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While the A’s make their playoff push, the Giants are beginning to think about next season. Former MLB player Wladimir Balentien, who just broke the single season home run record in Japan, has reportedly become a major target for the Giants this offseason. Balentien was once a top prospect (he played in the […]

It is not hard to remember the years of “Fear the Beard” in San Francisco. No one was more popular and representative of the Giants success in 2010 than former Giants closer Brian Wilson, but now he’s gone. Just years later one of the most beloved athletes in San Francisco is gone. Yea he was […]

When I first think of Brandon Belt, an uneasy feeling develops in the pit of my stomach. Knowing of Belt years before he emerged in the Majors I was just as eager for his arrival as anybody. I thought of the big prospects we had coming up: Sandoval, Posey, Crawford, Bumgarner, and even Gary […]

The lack of big-time prospects in the Giants’ farm system has been well-documented. Although Kyle Crick has emerged as a possible future star this season, there is still little to be excited about in the rest of the organization. This is why Giants fans have resorted to being excited about a relief […]

With August coming to a close and the San Francisco Giants hanging at the bottom of the NL West standings, it is time to look to the offseason and figure out how to repeat 2012 and forget 2013. It’s appropriate that the Red Sox just visited San Francisco because they are in the […]

Of all the possible moves bandied about for the Giants around the trade deadline this season, the only one that was likely to have a truly significant impact on the direction of the franchise moving forward was a possible Hunter Pence deal. Pence was the only piece the Giants had capable of bringing […]

What Went Wrong With Tim Lincecum?

The cute names have passed. The story about his father putting a dollar bill on the ground has grown old. So what happened to the kid that won consecutive Cy Young awards in ’08 and ’09? For Tim Lincecum, I’m sure this is the question that has infected his thoughts every time he takes the […]

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How Much Whiskey Does Bruce Bochy Drink Each Week?

You’ve heard his smooth, southern drawl. If you watched “The Franchise” on Showtime, you’ve seen him consume a glass of some type of amber liquid. But, have you ever wondered just how much Bruce Bochy drinks on a weekly basis? Let’s take a look at the relevant numbers: According to Fox News, the average American consumes […]

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Week 5- Win 2

It seems like more than two weeks ago that the Raiders had just beaten the Jags, and that […]

Tweets From The Bay: 10/4/13

Each week the Three Bridge staff is scouring the Twitternet to bring you the best tweets from the Bay Area’s […]

ALDS- Tigers @ Athletics- Game 1 Preview

Three Bridge Sports is going to try to have a re/pre-view of each game of the A’s postseason […]

#15 Washington at #5 Stanford Preview

When: Saturday, October 5th 7:30 pm PT Where: Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, CA   As I outlined in […]

These Sleeved Jerseys Must Be Stopped

I advocated earlier on this website for the Warriors to be pioneers of offensive basketball. They have indeed done this, […]

Can The A’s Get Some Hardware?

During the last decade or so, the Oakland Athletics have done pretty well in loading up their trophy […]

Follow-Up of Hunter Pence’s New Contract

Back on September 24, 2013 I wrote a piece that previewed the contract breakdown between Hunter Pence and […]

The Season Starts Now: Stanford Football

Stanford has steamrolled through its first four opponents by the tune of 165-78. The win over No. 22 […]

Anagramming the A’s

As the leaves start to change from green to gold (or in Northern California, as the grass starts […]

Le Jeu Dangereux

I never took French, but something told me that “the dangerous game” would sound better in French. This […]

Back On Track: Niners-Rams Recap

There is obviously a lot to praise from last night’s game against St. Louis. The Niners rushed the ball […]

All Hail Anquan

Anquan Boldin wasn’t supposed to be an elite receiver this season. Despite a big postseason during the Ravens’ run […]

Week 4- Win 2

Monday Night wasn’t pretty for the Raiders as they lost pretty handily to the Broncos, and quite possibly […]

Stanford at Washington State Preview

When: Saturday September 28, 7 pm Pacific Time Where: Century Link Stadium   Another Saturday, another win for […]

Niners-Rams: Thursday Night Preview

Heading into St. Louis for Thursday night football, just four days after being embarrassed at home by Indianapolis, […]

What The Final Weekend Means For The A’s

With just a weekend series against the Mariners remaining, A’s playoff baseball is right around the corner. As […]

It’s Time For Quinton Patton

With three games now in the books for the San Francisco 49ers, it’s clear that the jury is […]

Who Has The Edge: Pac-12 vs. SEC

(Photos Courtesy of RammaJammaYellaHamma)     The SEC is widely regarded as the best college football conference in the country, […]

How Bad Could It Get For Cal This Weekend?

The Cal defense has been regularly victimized already this season, giving up an average of 42 points per […]

Pence and Lincecum Offseason Preview

With only 6 games left there is no doubt that the Giants are thinking about next season. Well, they’ve […]

Quick Hit: The A’s Repeat As AL West Champions

The Oakland Athletics once again reign supreme in the AL West. Yes, those A’s that sport a payroll of less […]

At the beginning of the season I said that before each game, Three Bridge Sports would have a […]

The Niners Have Lost Their Mojo

We fudged up, guys. The sad reality is that we flat out got beat by a better team. The […]